PVF understands the fundamental elements of growing a company.  We invest in companies with seasoned management that have a track record of leading successful ventures – even in trying economic times. We are dedicated to building companies by adding value throughout the life of the investment – beginning at the starting point where PVF invests and leading to profitable financial exits and industry impact.

PVF is very selective and look for the following:

- Growth sector opportunities
- A scalable business model
- Potential to expand to international markets
- Seasoned management
- Direct Listing on German, UK, US, Russia or Canada exchange

Our primary sectors:

- Energy:  oil and gas, tar sands and shells, alternative energy

- Mining: gold, rear metals, light metals

- Finance: P to P landing, crypto currency, spot factoring, Forex

- BioTech: BRIC Biotech, medical marijuana, delivery platforms

- Technology: Single channel EEG, Net, eCommerce, Cloud technologes